13 December 2008


I've got an effing sinus infection. Need to get rid of it before next week when I start my really awesome new shift at work. 4am - noon. It may kill me.
On the bright side, my infection is in tune with the season. I've got green and red snot, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

My son the hair farmer. Get a hair cut you dirty hippy.

14 November 2008

Defending Our Freedom

What's the story behind this guy?

Look, he's holding his medal. Holy shit that's cute!

12 November 2008

Fergus is mad at me.

Can anyone tell me why a dog who chooses to sleep on linoleum will go out of his way to find carpet before he vomits in the middle of the night? There is the obvious, dogs won't soil their bed, theory. But come on, the house is full of linoleum and hardwood floors. I think he is getting back at me for something...
And I'll spare you the visual. Instead a lovely pic of my latest Christmas painting.

And a gift tag I'm working on made from an upcycled laminate counter top sample.

What's that gnome been up to?

07 November 2008


Good news. The battery is dead in the Saab. Must keep reminding myself that it was born from jets. Anything that started out as a jet has to be cool, even if the check engine light keeps coming on. And it always pulls to the right, no matter how often the tires are rotated and the alignment is worked on, and the brakes are replaced. Born from jets. Apparently it wasn't born from American jets. At least the turbo works.

What do you think, is that charged enough to start?? Heck yeah it was. And it only cost me $115 for a new battery, on sale. Awesome. Born from jets.

30 October 2008

I'm back in the world of the employed. We might have Christmas this year after all. I was concerned about leaving the boy to go back to work but it looks like daycare will only be needed 3 days a week. So now the big concern is when do I paint? I'll have to see how it goes.

Miss Effie in the dress I made.

She was Twiggy for the Halloween dance. Something I could never pull off, dressing up as skinny.

26 October 2008

I'm on a roll, listed 3 new paintings on etsy yesterday. My version of Christmas colors. And while I like red and green, isn't it nice to know you can get the same holiday feel with a different color palette? Yes, the answer is yes. I am correct. And I'm also full of myself. And I like to start sentences with the word and. These are painted on wood floor samples I acquired at the local reuse market. I have a few more, I hope to turn all the discarded samples into art.

And now for French baby.

Okay, he's just pretending to be French.

23 October 2008

Spent all day yesterday sewing a dress. Placed 27 tech support calls to mother as I had no idea what I was doing. Now she knows what it's like when she calls me for help with her printer or scanner or pc or camera or phone or dvd player. I could go on.

Now I can get back to painting. Hopefully I'll get enough stuff done to participate in some holiday shows.

And now for a dirty dog.

22 October 2008


...sort of. I got this far with the new painting in 2 days, not good considering the size.

I don't expect to finish anytime soon. Miss Effie needs a dress for the Halloween dance this Friday and I'm attempting to sew it myself. Yeah, I hope the lights are low for her sake.

20 October 2008

My First Blog

Here it is, my first blog.
And to get things started, have a look at the first stages of my first holiday painting of the year.

Off to a good start, no?

And now for a bug.